Alfred Testimony

Greetings in the name of the lord and saviour Jesus Christ. God is good! Thanks be to God who has called even me and given his ministry and visions. We have read that God has lifted David from being shepherd to a king; Joseph from prison to a ruling authority but do we know that God can do the same things even now. For all those who halfheartedly or hesitantly say yes and to those who vehemently say no here is the answer to your doubts. Our God is great and awesome in his power. I was born to very pious spiritual parents and they dedicatively and carefully brought me up spiritually. My childhood days were filled with lot of prizes by scoring high ranks in bible exams, quiz and competitions and I was regular to my church meetings. As my youthful days came I started drifting away from God and started having bad company. But the God who chooses us from the mother's womb will not be quiet seeing the prayers of the parents. One day my mom asked me to go to night tarrying meeting. I went half-heartedly but as the prayer started I got into it and spirit of God came and filled me mightily. I totally forgot where I was as the presence covered me and when I opened my eyes it was 5am in the morning. When I opened my eyes I felt something new in me and everything appeared new for me. After that the lord filled me with his spirit and gifts. We prayed for 3 months continuously for whole night. I thank Bro. Raphael a mighty man of God who led me into this marvellous experience. I was young and about to enter into 10th STD. From there the lord did many miracles in my life. Before I entered the 10th STD I prayed to God and he gave me I Sam 2:8 as a promise. I promised that I'll get a car and write this verse on it when I had not even had a bicycle for me. He did greater things in my studies and enabled me to study highest degrees and mulitilanguages. He lifted me in the work place. As I determined God fulfilled and gave me a car in my first Job and I printed this verse as I promised. What a mighty God we serve!
God blessed my professional life and lifted me at the very young age. I have travelled to many countries. All this was by his grace for the boy who did his schoolings in ordinary Govt. school. While I was working I was also doing the work of God which came after lot of struggle and hesitance. But God showed many signs and wonders to start a youth ministry and the ministry got registered in 2009. God led it wonderfully. Many youths got saved and grew in spiritual life. Until 2012 I was working in a MNC with high position and good salary. In that year Good Friday God started dealing with me in a unique way I couldn't respond as the demand was high and I went into the presence of God for 2 days. During that night the lord showed me a dream and I couldn't understand. I left it as such. When I was about to wind up and come back home God spoke to me "Do you understand the dream that I've shown you. These are the things that you are going to do in future". Obeying that voice I resigned my Job and now doing the ministry and service with full commitment. The lord has been revealing many visions and work plans in this ministry. I'm sure the one who has called me is faithful and he can lead me till the very end. Continue to pray for me and the great work of God so that we can do the things that we are called for.
With Prayers,
Alfred Benjamin in Christ. 

Bro. Alfred Benjamin, a man called before hand as his workmanship, anointed for his service at the age of 15 reflects his glory faithfully bringing the revival among nations through many crusades for the past four years is the founder of the Devasitham Ministries. Giving himself wholly after a 10yrs service in the corporate sector as the head of operations is now working specially among youths and is the worship leader of the band Gideon's Army of Worship. Spreading the gospel dedicatively, he started his ministry with a small team after a personal encounter with god, he has been prophetically called to be a witness for the holy spirit. Psalms132:13-18 is the word of god given for his special mission prophetically from the man of God Father Berchmans.
In many nations/church meetings fiery anointing and gifts of the Holy Spirit impacts the lives of many those who attends and equips God's people through effective preaching of the word of God with all authority and ferventness.
If you want to use in your church/ministry/fellowship here are the various services: 

1.Word of god as message
2.Special anointing service
3.Praise and worship leading with GAW band
4.Special meetings and conventions.
5.Bible quizzes
6.Special Youth meetings.

About gaw
Gideon’s Army of Worship is a youth ministry, to help young ones to remember their creator in their days of youth, under Devasitham Ministries which is a registered body with Govt of India. We focus completely on youths among various environments from schools, colleges to corporate by developing their character, personalities and encouraging them to create worshipping styles for god during all our programs. So far many hundreds have been touched and had a great transformation in their lives by the grace of God.
GAW operates with the caption “praises never ceases” and with foundational values of prayer, faith and sacrifice. We believe strongly that worship is not just a service or style but it’s the way of life. God is looking for the true worshipper who really loves him and is willing to take his
power to the nations. GAW believes in preparing those young true worshippers by taking them into the next level of the spirit where they will start using the authority and operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
1.   1. New souls
2.   2. Secret Christians or Secret lovers of Christ
3.   3. Worship Warriors

vision goals
·         1. 1000 youths to be won
·         2. Worship centre-1st Quarter
·         3. Worship album-Jan Release (Every year a new worship album)
·         4. Mobile Church-Planning & Designing
·         5. New place for ministries in 2014
·         6. Mission in Orissa

vision goals
·         1. Salvation
·         2. Water Baptism
·         3. Receiving the anointing/power of the holyspirit
·         4. Developing them as a prayer and worship warrior
·         5. Planting them in the church/ Encouraging through our fellowship
·         6. Identify and Use their talents for God through our Team concept (Music team; Admin team; Creative team; Vision team)
·         7. Make them useful to the community through the social work (www.devasitham.com) and share the good news by doing good things.
·         8. Leading into prayerful and Godly walking way through deeper doctrines and the second coming of Jesus christ

vision markrt place
3.Work place
6.Social work


Our first mission to Orissa happened in June 2012 along with White cross ministries. It was great experience and was at awe when we saw the work of God done in such a remote place. The food, customs, language and the life style was entirely different and our GAW members were quick to adapt to this situation. Thriving souls amidst lack of basic amenities like roads, transport, schools, colleges, medical stores… etc opened our hearts and mind to take the love of Jesus to the unreached areas. Spirits of missionaries and native peoples love inspired us and made the moments lighter. We served 7 tribal regions of Koluva, Katinga, Goberkutty, Kondhakeri, Kakkathunga, Dekaponga and Adava. God did wonderful work by performing many signs and wonders. Many were slained in the spirit and received a fresh anointing in their life. The first evening meeting happened in a dim light as the team started ministering the spirit of God moved in the place and many received the new touch of God. Particularly to reach a place we walked three and half hours and there we ministered to the few people. When we came down the mountain the village at the end came to know about us and around 200 people gathered so quickly and spread the mats in the road to ask more about the lord and requested us to pray. We saw a great spirit within the people.
Goberkutty when we started the prayer we had in the verandha of a house. Spirit of God asked us to have this in the outside. I asked them to put mats outside and we started ministering. While it was on, many started gathering. One youth was standing at a long distance and was hearing the songs and message. At the end of the message the prayer call was given. This youth ran a fast and stood first requesting a prayer. Bro asked him whether he wants a touch and power of God. He said yes and as the prayer went when the spirit of God started moving he was slained and spirit of God asked him to pick for all him up and again he was slained. The whole village witnessed this and many turned for prayers bringing their children. Suddenly the place was vibrant but we couldn’t pray as we have to leave before 6pm due to restricted areas laws. The final day GAW members cooked biriyani for the entire village and the people were served food. It was a great blessing to minister among these tribal people. 


Kandhamal was more in news in 2011 due to the communal violence as mobs burnt churches and drove the ministers away. There is no church in kandhamal. The people of God are worshiping under a banyan tree. We have planned to build a church in Kandhamal.
The literacy rate is too poor due to the lack of awareness on importance of education and also due to the lack of transport, which de-motivated the children to travel a long distance for their schools. To sort out this issue, the project team has decided to build a solar powered study centre in “Koluva”, training centre in “Adava” and to train a person from the tribal community as a mentor to ensure sustainable development.
If you have an urge to support these missions please contact “Devasitham Ministries” 

pecial report on “SHEKINAH”

Human beings are attracted to the "fancy" or technically speaking "Glory" in anything they visualize. The beauty of men and women; serenity of the nature; the wonders of architecture; the scintillating universe; the color spread in underneath oceans..etc are some to be mentioned in the long list. There's no one in this world can say that we don't admire or struck at awe when they behold this. But just think about how would it be, the glory or fancy of the one who created all this things. SHEKINAH is an initiative to seek this cause, the glory of god to be visually seen or felt by human beings. There are plenty of examples to show how the Glory of God has been manifested in the olden days and the same God is same today, tomorrow and forever.
Moses went on to the Mount Sinai to spend 40days in the presence of God and people outside the camp were able to see the glory of God descending on the mount. When Moses came down after spending the time with the lord, people were unable to face him since the glory of god is shining through his face. This is the reality of the presence of God by seeing with our natural eyes.

By the grace of God we have conducted “Shekinah” for the past 3 years. God gave this vision in 2010 when we asked him for what name we need to keep for this public meeting. God spoke to us about “SHEKINAH” and from their longings went on. We earnestly prayed that lord m

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